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“Change is the only constant and someone who doesn’t accept change is bound to become lifeless.”

Life is a wonderful gift of God with our loved ones around. We create a comfort zone for ourselves and prefer to remain within it. At times we tend to forget that life has its own twists and turns. The same comfort zone might cease to exist after a period because of so many factors affecting our life. So we must be ready to face anything as it comes.

Mahima and Shankar had known each other since childhood as their families were very good friends. The bonding turned into a relationship as Mahima and Shankar got into the wedlock. Both their families were affluent and could support the newly married but Mahima’s mother insisted that they must learn to live on their own.

Shankar’s parents too agreed for they felt that their children were grown up enough to shoulder their responsibilities. They rented a house for these two and furnished it with basic amenities to start their life. Shankar was a banker so he earned fair enough to manage their expenses. Mahima to worked in an IT company and made good money but she was a spend thrift. Most of her salary was spent in socialising with her friends. Shankar knew about it and very gently advised her to curtail few of her expenses. He explained it to her that they need to manage the regular expenses and at the same time save for the future. Mahima agreed but it takes time for people to change. Moreover few colleagues of her who were fond of having fun at Mahima’s cost tried to poison her mind. They told her that Shankar knew Mahima very well even before wedding then why was he imposing restrictions all of a sudden. The women were elderly but behaved in an immature fashion just for the sake of their fun and frolic. For few days Mahima refrained from parties but then she started getting restless so she started it all over again. She used to return home late at night, never bothered to enquire Shankar if he had eaten or if he required anything. Shankar too didn’t ask her much because he knew she would refuse to accept the fact that she was ignoring her responsibilities as a wife. He had confidence that his lady love would change with time.

All this was observed by their parents as they were regular visitors in the weekend. Mahima’s mother felt very bad that her daughter was behaving in an irresponsible manner. She on many occasions chided her daughter but Shankar would come to his wife’s rescue and say that everything was going on well. Mahima took undue advantage of her husband’s goodness. But soon she realised that she was wrong. In course of completion of a project at office Mahima was allotted a major slot of work which had to be completed in a stipulated time. She took it in her stride because of two things; one is her efficiency and secondly the support of her colleagues. The first of course worked but the second one made her face disappointments. Her best friends as she called them refused to help her out with some rhyme or reason. They even refused to stay back with her at office with a pretext of their families. Mahima was hurt to the core but this incident was an eye-opener to her. Words of her mother and Shankar echoed in her ears. She made up her mind to change herself according to her priorities. She understood that life takes a different shape with each passing day.

Shankar knew everything she was facing but wanted it from the horse’s mouth. As expected, Mahima opened up to him in a couple of days. Shankar very patiently listened to her and there was no fault finding talk which surprised Mahima. She understood how much he loved her. She promised him to change herself. Shankar responded by saying that the thought of change itself had transformed her. He volunteered to help her complete the office project to avoid any kind of stake to her reputation. Mahima’s eyes moistened with tears and she hugged her lovable hubby tightly. She had failed to notice that her childhood buddy too had transformed himself with the passing years. From the chirpy, happy go–lucky guy he had changed into a calm, composed and a responsible man who had never let her down. Shankar patted her back with a sense of appreciation and thanked God for setting the things right.

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Written By- Sujatha Sairam, (Chennai).

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