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“They loved each other, got married, had children and lived happily ever after forever”- is the common story line. But God forbid there are few of us for whom this doesn’t suit. Some untoward incident has separated us from our loved ones. It might be legal separation, some difference of opinion, natural death or may be an accident. When such a thing happens life seems to be lost in a maze. It appears to have shattered and loses its meaning.

Those of us who are working somehow find a solace or change of mind through the work. But there are many who are homemakers; more commonly known as housewives. They would have been working professionals before wedding and would have given it up after wedding to manage home with perfection. For such women this mishap is devastating. We fail to accept the aftermaths of tragedy. But the harsh reality is life must go on…Sometimes a good fortune is left behind to support the family. But how long would that suffice. This is the time we are forced to revive our professionalism to make ends meet. We are expected to leave our comfort zone and step into the outside world which would pose us with never-ending challenges.

We women must handle such situations in a cool-headed fashion. We have to play a dual role to bring up our off springs. If the earth below our feet seems to be slipping then how would we lay a strong foundation for our kids? It’s not a time to panic. Take it optimistically and pursue your dreams. Work to set yourself as an example for your children. Be the true guide, friend and philosopher for them. Instil in them the confidence that you are always behind them.

Sushmitha Sen, the world famous model adopted a child without a marriage going against the law. She had to fight many legal suits to procure her claim over the child. But finally she could make it. She proved the fact that a single-mother is competent enough to bring up a child. If you turn the pages of history you will come across Rani Lakshmi Bai who with her son in her lap fought against the British to retain Jhansi after her husband’s death. When the queen of yesteryears dared to do it, why not us with a wide arena of opportunities.

There’s no reason to feel low and defeated. Look out for all possible ways to live life and celebrate every moment. If you still feel, you require support then write to us. We will anchor your ship of life through the high and low. You in the guidance of STHREEJEEVAN will land on the shore of success and contentment by all means. Do write to us and get our services to know more. We are available 24×7 at your service.


Written By- Sujatha Sairam, (Chennai).

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