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Man is a very precious creation of the God Almighty; a true masterpiece. Each of us are unique and special in our own way. All of us are manifested with some special qualities, which make us different from the rest of the crowd. Because of these qualities, we need to be proud of ourselves, proud of what we are, and the value adds that we carry.

This is where Self esteem comes in picture Self esteem can be termed as a personal evaluation of our own self-worth. It also includes beliefs about one’s own self which includes emotional status, such as triumph, despair, pride and shame. It is correlated with achievement, good relationships and satisfaction.

Self esteem is very crucial to one and all be it adult (any gender), more importantly children. These days, kids are suffering from this problem of deficiency of self worth.

High self worth increases the capacity to treat others with respect, magnanimity and love. It results in enriching interpersonal relationships. The reverse also holds good. Self-worth can be dependent on various factors.

The environment around us is one of the factors which affect the way that we feel ourselves. We have somewhere given the baton of valuing ourselves onto others.  The people around us can affect the way we feel about ourselves. The more people or friends we have who like us, the happier we are and vice versa.

While adults are matured enough to deal with these challenges, it is very difficult for kids to comprehend these. Since kids are the future human beings, we need to make it easy for these delicate and tender souls. Kids tend to judge themselves by how we deal with their success and failures, or how well they cope with their challenges. Their perception of success or failure in meeting life’s challenges influences their self esteem.

Parents cannot completely control the kid’s lives, but they can guide children to gain perspective on solutions and not to overreact to failure or underplay success of kids. They should be taught that it’s perfectly fine to fall but it’s important to rise after the fall. It needs to be emphasized that failure doesn’t mean that it’s a failure as a person and doesn’t make them unlovable. This will help the kids to see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow rather than obstacles to pull them down. Kids who are positively motivated will be in a better position to move on.  Positive self worth helps in making happy human beings.

It’s important that we have faith in ourselves, in our talents and capabilities. We need to motivate ourselves first, instead of waiting for others to validate us.  We are good enough and we will definitely succeed in our own capacities and in our own pace even though it doesn’t match others expectations. Let not others decide our worth. We are worth it!!!

Written By- Ranjani Srikant, Hyderabad

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