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“Self-confidence is the first thing needed for great undertakings.”

Self-confidence is a tonic we need to administer to ourselves daily as we wake up. Wake up every morning thanking God that yet another day has dawned full of opportunities. Look into the mirror and give a broad smile for you are confronting the world’s best person. Love yourself first to bring about the greatest revolution that you desire for.

When I talk of revolution I’m reminded of the transgenders in our society for whom survival itself is a big????But they go on to live a value-added life with their self-confidence and raise a voice against gender bias. One by one they are occupying dignified positions in all the sectors of work. They are living examples of the fact that their birth was not their choice but their life is an asset which has to be valued to a great extent and their death must be a history. Joyita Mondal recently became the first judge in the Lok Adalat in North Bengal. Another example is that of Prathika who was  born as Pradip Kumar.  Prathika Yashini won her first war against the society when she decided to undergo a sex change operation. After a long struggle with the social dogma and being fully aware of male chauvinism, she attempted to achieve a seemingly impossible goal of becoming an IPS officer in Tamil Nadu. All this was possible because of her self-confidence.

When Joyitha and Prathika could wage war against caste bias then what’s stopping us. We are biased by our own attitudes. We just have to rub off the dust that’s enveloping our heart and mind which regulate the entire thought process. Let us derive motivation from the common women around us whose sole mantra is to “Do or die.” Our housemaids, charwoman, vegetable vendors, flower-sellers make their meager income by their regularity in their work and a confident feel that  o they have to strive hard for the betterment of their kith and kin. Above of all they are confident about increasing their income with each passing day. How does it come into them without any formal education? They have not attended any workshops or heard the speeches of motivational speakers. It’s the strong desire within them which drives them to live life confidently.

We too have duties towards our families but before that we have duty towards ourselves. We must understand that “Self-confidence is success itself”. Life is not easy for any of us, it has number of twists and turns. That’s a known fact but we can’t sit back with that feel not doing anything. What we really require is perseverance and confidence in ourselves. We are gifted compared to many around us who are deprived even of basic needs. Hope you remember the feat of Arjun Vajpai-the youngest mountaineer to have scaled the heights of Mt.Everest at the age of 16. He has reached the summit of many other lofty mountains as well. Inspired by him, Mountain Dew drink has let out an ad to ignite the spirits amidst youngsters and the other viewers. It’s a message for all of us. Deepika Padukone was recently in the limelight due to the controversial release of her movie Padmavat. There was a big hue and cry among political parties, spiritual leaders and of course common public about the movie. But she was undeterred and positive about its release. She believed in herself more than anything else. I think these small anecdotes are enough for the loveable readers of STHREEJEEVAN to say to themselves often in a day, “I am the best, I believe in my strengths. I’m the only person on the earth who can use my ability to the fullest.”

Written By- Sujatha Sairam, (Chennai).

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