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“To be able to bear provocation is an art in terms of reason, but to forgive and move ahead requires a lovable heart.”

My lovely readers, I know many of you would have been provoked by the people around you for various reasons. What happens when it’s carried out on a continuous basis? Two ways to react to such a situation- the most common one is break down which makes you lose your calm, the second one is to put your foot down and portray your strength. Most of the times you break down because it’s not that one provocative fact alone, there’s a possibility of you being engulfed by few other disturbances.

The person who provokes may or may not be aware of such a thing. Neither can you control as most of the times its spontaneous. Never mind take it in your stride for nothing is permanent, this phase too will pass. Just keep calm, face the world with a confident smile and make others wonder that how is it that you are so composed. You can even stay away from people who try to provoke you or if that’s not possible bring about a change in their thinking by your positive vibes. I’m sure everything will fall in line. Remember nobody can take charge of your inner self other than you. It’s all within you to refrain yourself from being impulsive or being over reactive. Don’t fall prey to provocation as it kills you bit by bit, instead bring about a catharsis in the provocative situation or person.

Affirm to yourself everyday,” I’m not going to react to provocation and allow negativity to creep into my life, I’m an epitome of positive energy meant to make a difference in others’ lives.”

Written By- Sujatha Sairam, (Chennai)

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