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Puberty is something wonderful in a girl’s life. It’s the onset of womanhood in her. Beauty is personified in her appearance and physical traits. It’s a sense of satisfaction for the parents that their daughter is now accredited with a sign of motherhood. Though we are modern nowadays in lifestyle, the thought of a girl getting married and bearing child to extend the clan is still in vogue. A woman by all means must bear a baby to gain an identity and give birth to it to prove her existence.

Child birth is the rebirth of every woman in the real sense. The body undergoes a complete change in physical, biological and physiological dimensions. That’s the reason in olden days obstinacy was observed to give rest to the mind and the body. Even during pregnancy and after childbirth the woman is attended with utmost care. That’s the reason we still find the elderly woman in our family still hale and healthy. No physical or mental disorders have a place in their lives. Healthy and nutritious eating habits clubbed with timely sleep too are a reason for their disease free lives.

But today’s life style is contradictory to that of those days. Much against the convention women work in and out. Even after delivery they get back to jobs after a short span of rest. That time no harm is caused. Its only later they realize that their negligence has caused a heavy toll over their health. Once women cross 35 or say after two deliveries they experience many changes. This is the onset of PMS-PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME. This might be from one or two days or till the period when a woman gets her periods. Irritability, sudden emotional outbursts, crying without reason are few symptoms. This is common among 80% of women in the present day. The menstrual cycle which was once a blessing appears to be a curse. Oral pills might pacify the aching nerves as a relaxant only to some extent. It might temporarily ease the individual by putting them to sleep.

What is the need of the hour to overcome such a situation in the benefit of everyone is educating the family members about what a woman undergoes during PMS. Gynecologists and psychiatrists treating the women with PMS make an effort to explain it to the family members. But it isn’t kept in mind resulting in emotional clashes. There’s a general tendency to say “All women face the same thing, so what’s new with you.” It’s like adding fuel into the fire. A person who requires extra care is condemned more. The family must understand that all women face but they have varied symptoms and reactions. When our family doesn’t give us the desired support we start feeling helpless and forlorn. We long for a companion to speak out what we are undergoing. You need a woman’s heart to understand what she undergoes. Keeping this in mind we started STHREEJEEVAN to sort out all your issues. PMS- no longer is going to be a nightmare for you. As you have a heart to heart talk with us your outlook towards life will gets redefined. SJ’s only concern is “SUKHMAY JEEVAN-BLISSFUL LIFE” of every woman under the sky.

Written By- Sujatha Sairam, (Chennai).

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