Motivation & Hope

This anecdote is what happens with many of us but we fail to introspect until we hear of it or read about it. It’s a lovely dawn, the clock strikes 4.00 and its time for Ashhika to leave her bed. “What if I could sleep for another few minutes” says her inner voice but no, she isn’t allowed either to wake up late or take a break from her daily schedule as the whole day would get messed up. None other than her would have to set things right if it goes other way round. All the household chores need to be given a neat finish. Things to be kept at their right places for her in laws to give them the ease in mobility. Kids must be dropped at school on time and ensure their safety return by giving them instructions through pep talks with them. At the office come what may, she needs to put on a smile through out the day to carry on work in a smooth fashion. Somehow the day comes to an end- it’s only at the office. A lot of undone tasks at home are still wanting her attention-dinner, kid’s homework,, the petty complaints of kids as well as in laws. It’s not an easy going as some days she’s the victim of the pent up anger and frustration of her man whom she can’t even retaliate to. This is the routine most of the working women face having no quality time for themselves. They need an emotional outlet but rarely do they find and even if they find its reverted upon them by saying that they don’t know to handle. They have only two options either to fight back or continue living with it.
Have you felt this way? If so, please feel free to share your thoughts . Together we might find many more options to resolve things that are amiss.
by Sujatha Sairam, Chennai

A new hope….

Child birth is the rebirth of a woman. The labour pain vanishes with the gentle smile of the newborn. But for some it leaves behind a mammoth of problems both physically and physiologically. Stress, sleeplessness,loss of appetite,weight gain or loss. Most of the time it’s unidentified. Medication goes on without the root cause being identified. What is actually missing is the care and understanding.

by Sujatha Sairam, Chennai

Relationship Dilemma-Feeling amiss in a crowd

Dreams unlimited is the thing a woman experiences as she gets engaged to the man of her life. Gets married and feels happy that she’s blessed having got such a life. All of a sudden her Castle of love loses strength as she finds the change in attitude of her man. He bosses over,condemns her,finds fault and finally completely reduced his daily talk. She has kids who love her but nothing can fill the vacuum created in her heart. Do you feel such a thing then here’s the way you can fill up the vacuum. Write to us to share and share your feelings, let’s bring the charm back into your life.

by Sujatha Sairam, Chennai

Resolve Dilemma

A common dilemma all women have-shall I be a homemaker or a working woman? Being a homemaker gives time to give that extra care for the family and make children happy. But how about their increasing demands. Single income not enough to make both ends meet. Thereby being a working woman is a blessing. Do you face such a turmoil. Then why waiting behind the curtain of confusion. We at are waiting to bring you forward to live a worthy life.