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Life is a wonderful gift of God and we must celebrate it.

This fact all of us have known but how many of us seriously follow it. Many women who were chirpy in their youth all of a sudden become sullen once they get married. They are so devout towards their family that they have no time for themselves. The women after forty years of age when their children grow up and pursue their career are left alone. All of a sudden they start feeling that “All these years I worked for them but now they don’t bother to turn towards me. What am I to do now?” I’m sure many of our readers of SthreeJeevan have experienced such a thing. To kindle your spirits here I go with a small anecdote from Vaishali’s life who may be one among you.

Vaishali belonged to the suburbs of Chennai. Pretty-looking, confident and well-versed in English because of her convent education made her unique. Possible these attributes made Amit choose her as his lady love for lifetime. Vaishali too liked Amit. Within a few years of their marriage they flew to California for Amit’s new project.  New city, people and culture puzzled Vaishali. She was missing Chennai. She became the mother of a cute baby girl, Dhwani. Her life was centred around Amit, Dhwani and the other household chores. Amit was getting busier with his office. He got promotions one after the other which made him spend much of his time either in the office or official tours. Dhwani too grew up and Amit suggested she must be sent to the boarding school for higher education. Vaishali was taken aback but she knew she couldn’t go against Amit’s decision.

Just before Dhwani was about to leave Vaishali spoke to her and said, “How would I live without you?” Dhwani answered so confidently, “Mamma we are gonna be connected with each other everyday. Technology is so advanced Mamma. I’ll create an account for you on FB and messenger. We can have live chats and talks along with video calls.”  Dhwani created an FB account for her mom with a disguised identity as Vaishali was a new user. She gave her the name Shilpa.  Dhwani left the next morning. Vaishali was heavy at heart but consoled herself. Amit too left for office. Vaishali finished her household chores and went to her bedroom. She switched on the PC and logged into her account.

She was surprised to see many notifications and friend requests.  She gave a quick glance at the alerts. One of the requests with a name Shekhar attracted her. She responded to it.  Beep came a sound and there was a good noon message from the other end. Vaishali too sent a message. Slowly the conversation developed between the two. They spoke about each others’ interests, likes , dislikes.  Vaishali always spoke about Amit, Dhwani and her household chores. Shekhar found an opportunity and mocked at her. He said, “Come on don’t you have your personal life and your areas of interest?” Vaishali realised how true Shekhar was. She said that she was a classical dancer and an athlete too. Shekhar suggested her to take up dance classes again and join the local welfare group of women to keep herself engaged. These women participated in short distance marathons too. Vaishali was excited hearing these suggestions. She gave a thought and tried to locate the nearest dance classes and women welfare groups. In no time her life underwent a change. She lived life the way she wanted. She updated Dhwani with her chats with Shekhar.  Dhwani too was overwhelmed to see her mother bounce back to life.

One afternoon as Vaishali sat down for conversation with Shekhar, she got tensed a bit as he requested her to come out for a date with him.  Vaishali got wild and retorted, “Are you in your senses, how do you manage to call a married woman for a date?” Shekhar sent a reply, “What’s wrong, we’ve known each other for quite some time, what’s the harm if we meet?” Vaishali said she needed time to think it over. That night she spoke to Dhwani about this. Dhwani jumped with joy and said, “Go ahead mamma and don’t  think dating as something bad. It’s just a casual meeting and having fun.”  Vaishali gathered all her courage and responded to Shekhar that she would meet him in a restaurant for lunch the next day. The next day Vaishali finished all her scheduled work and got ready. She was already pretty but she took an extra care in dressing up to look her best for the rendezvous. Her heart beat was faster than usual. She took a cab and reached the specified place. She occupied the table reserved for her and Shekhar. Suddenly she got a scary feeling-what if any of her family friends happen to see her. Just then she heard some footsteps behind her. She turned around and to her surprise found Amit standing there. She got tensed and started sweating. She struggled for words to speak. He said, “Hi Shilpa this is Shekhar.” Both of them had hearty laughter thinking about all their conversation. They hugged each other and then settled down to talk further. Amit told her that it was Dhwani’s plan to bring Vaishali out of her shell. To Vaishali there was a greater surprise waiting when she saw Dhwani walking towards them. The three of them cuddled each other and enjoyed the lunch together.

Are you missing similar family bond? We at STHREEJEEVAN would be glad to help you reunite with loved ones. Do write to us anytime you feel.

Written By- Sujatha Sairam, (Chennai).

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