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Greatest and strongest of relationships tumble and break when money matters are not dealt carefully.

Sanjeev and Deepika were happily married for over a decade. They had a ten year old son Sandeep. Both of them worked in corporate offices running a hectic schedule. What they earned was enough but sometimes at the end of the month their used to be a glitch. It used to be a pain on the neck as certain unavoidable expenses would crop up at the end of the month. Both of them used to borrow either from their parents or very close friends with an assurance to return at the earliest.

Once in a while Deepika used to pledge her jewellery without the knowledge of Sanjeev.  Sanjeev used to feel guilty seeing Deepika struggling to help him out. He loved her more than his life. He trusted her a lot. But one thing he didn’t like about Deepika was her close friendship with Vidyuth her collegemate. Sanjeev had a feel that Vidyuth was playing upon Deepika’s emotions with his sugar-coated words. He didn’t want his darling wife to be tormented emotionally as he knew his Deepika was very sensitive by nature. But Deepika was sure Vidyuth would never let her down. Not a day would pass when Deepika  wouldn’t call or text Vidyuth. Vidyuth liked Deepika but he was a hard core professional and at times admonished Deepika for calling him and texting him. In the weekends he wouldn’t correspond with Deepika. His wife hated his closeness with Deepika. Deepika never bothered about his anger. She believed him with her eyes blind-folded.

Her life was an open book to Vidyuth. He knew everything about her. Sanjeev never objected to their friendship but felt that marriage and friendship can’t go hand in hand. Childhood friends are a treasure no doubt but there are situations when they might turn the tables upside down. Deepika disagreed with Sanjeev in this regard. But soon, time taught her the right lesson.

A particular month, Deepika needed some money for her son’s medication. Sanjeev tried to arrange but couldn’t get. Deepika immediately told Sanjeev that she would borrow from Vidyuth. He volunteered to help but wanted her to return it at the earliest.  Deepika was very alarmed at this. Her friend who was ready to stake anything for her, how could he posses such an attitude when it came to money. She didn’t have much time to think that time so she borrowed the money.

As luck would have it, the next month too Deepika & Sanjeev found it tough to make  both ends meet. At this juncture Vidyuth too demanded her to return his money. Deepika had sleepless night but understood what Sanjeev had told her about limitations in a relationship. She was heavy at heart but couldn’t share with Sanjeev as he would be hurt too. She borrowed money from her cousin and returned it to Vidyuth. This was indeed an eye opener for Deepika. She also understood that only Sanjeev would stand by her at all times. His strictness and rigid value system in a way were shielding her which she failed to realise so long. She reduced her talks with Vidyuth and focused on her work and family. Deepika’s silence didn’t affect Vidyuth much as Deepika alone was not his friend. He had many more acquaintances to whom he gave preference.

Deepika in order to get back to normalcy spoke to one of her senior colleagues. The senior asked her to write to STHREEJEEVAN. Today Deepika is stable with the able guidance of efficient counsellors of STHREEJEEVAN.

Written By- Sujatha Sairam, (Co-Founder & Head-Content Delivery, Sthreejeevan.com).

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