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For Suma, life was wonderful with a family of grandmother, father, mother and siblings. She was the apple pie of all or you could call her a centre of attraction. Wherever she went a cheerful and happy face was her identity which motivated others as well. Few were jealous of course, thinking how could one be so carefree and happy all the time. Seeing this attitude of hers, even her grandma who was of a conventional attitude often used to tell her that life wouldn’t be the same for girls after marriage. Suma in her usual chirpy clatter used to laugh it out saying, “Who cares, I’ll never get into any such mess.”

Years rolled on and Suma got married as was the norm of the society. Her husband Sushil was an Assistant manager in a reputed firm. He doted over Suma for her cheerful nature and often expressed it to her by saying that she was lucky for him. They were considered to be an ideal couple for the perfect compatibility they had. They were blessed with twin boys Rohit and Mohit. Her happiness knew no bounds as Sushil’s family appreciated her for extending their family clan. She brought up her boys with all love and care that children need. Suma felt complete and her family was her haven.

Like every coin has the other side, even Suma’s life took a sudden turn when one day Sushil returned home a little earlier than usual. He gave her the news that he had been fired from his job as the company was undergoing a recession. Suma was shocked to hear this. But she was sure Sushil would get placed elsewhere for his experience within no time. But things don’t happen as we expect. More than six months passed but Sushil couldn’t find an opportunity. Things were getting tough at home to make both ends meet. How long can savings last for a typical middle class family. Sushil had no other thought but to ask Suma to get back to her job as a System Analyst. Suma felt it to be a good idea but was a bit reluctant as she was completely out of touch with her job. Moreover she would require sometime to upgrade herself with the latest advancements. She had been asked to quit her high profile job after marriage to cater to the needs of the family. Now how to go about it again was a small disturbance in her mind.

When Suma showed reluctance Sushil retorted, “All these years it was not needed, you had a comfort zone because of me, but now the necessity has arisen, so don’t give a second thought. Now act sensibly and shoulder responsibilities.” Suma was speechless and stunned. She pondered-Is this the same Sushil who used to admire her for her efficient and skillful management of the house. She too had toiled on the domestic front to balance things. Why was her hard work not identified by her sensible Sushil? Was his thinking the result of the financial crunch or something else? Why this change in attitude all of a sudden? Suma no doubt had been good at her work as a System Analyst. She was willing to get back to job too but the change in Sushil’s attitude brought her life to a standstill. Surely some of you would have experienced the similar way as Suma. Then please find time to vent out your feelings as nothing can be created with hidden feelings. Write to us at STHREEJEEVAN to help you lead a better life.

Written By- Sujatha Sairam, (Chennai).

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