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We come across many people in our lives. Some leave us forever, some leave behind memories and some stay with us forever. Our kith and kin are one set of people who stay with us and another set are our friends who have a great role to play in our lives. Often we have heard that any relationship which lasts for more than seven years will last for a lifetime. One such relationship is friendship. Friends are not related to us by blood but the bond is thicker. The physical, emotional and moral support rendered by a friend gives us the courage to tread through problematic paths.

Sushma and Shruthi had known each other for quite long. But they couldn’t spend much time with each other because of their personal constraints. Sushma being a school teacher had to manage home, school and tuition in the evening. Shruthi on the other hand was a self-employed woman who assisted her husband in his business. Even in their busy schedule they found time for each other by means of chit-chat either over the phone or when they met each other once in a while. One fine day fate forbid, Sushma called up Shruthi to tell her that she was not keeping well and had to undergo a surgery in the month of May when the school would close down for summer holidays. Shruthi was shocked to hear this but never expressed her agony for she knew the need of the hour. Sushma needed her the most now.

She in a very casual manner said, “Come-on Sush I’m there to help you out, don’t worry.” Sushma felt relaxed but said, “My worry is not about the surgery, it’s about the recovery period after surgery. I’ve only twenty days for the school to reopen after surgery. I must get back to normal and report back to school. You know pretty well I can’t afford to lose the job.” Shruthi said, “Oh my dear first get yourself treated with a positive mind, that itself would give you the will power to return to normalcy.” Sushma was completely at ease now and thanked God for the friendship of Shruthi.

As fixed by the doctors, Sushma got operated and returned back home after five days. Sushma’s mother and her husband attended her at the hospital. Shruthi took care of her children at home in her absence. When Sushma entered her home she found Shruthi along with her family members waiting with broad smiles and a bouquet of flowers in her hand. Sushma slowly walked towards Shruthi and whispered in her ear, “What would I be without you?” Shruthi patted her back gently and responded, “I can’t be without you as well.” Their eyes glistened with tears.

Shruthi then in a commanding tone said, “Sush take rest for two days and then we are going for morning walks to the nearby park. That would help you regain your strength and endurance.” Sushma at first appeared hesitant but seeing Shruthi’s concern for her she consented. The duo now could find time for each other on a regular basis due to the walks. Their adoration for each other got deeply rooted and their bonding grew day by day. Not a single day would pass when they never made time for each other. They complimented each other in every way. Few people were jealous of them but they had a big fan follow up as well in the neighbourhood who called them sisterly friends. Many of us too have come across people like Sushma and Shruthi in our lives whose memories we cherish even now. Some are in touch with us through social apps yet others live in our hearts alone.


Let STHREEJEEVAN be another friend of yours to whom you can open up anytime.

Written By- Sujatha Sairam, (Chennai).

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