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I’m sure this topic makes you think as to exams for whom. I intend to focus on the actual exams written by our children and our attitude towards them. It can also be the exams that we face in our real life. Now it’s the time for board exams for our children and guess who’s more stressed-we the parents especially the mothers who spend most of the time with the kids. That’s so because we judge our kids’ performance with a benchmark either put forth by the school system or the people around us. To be frank we want our children scoring excellent marks so that we don’t have to cut a sorry figure in front of others. We tend to forget that each child is unique and possess certain traits which would help him or her, carve out a niche for himself or herself. I would love to elucidate upon this with a typical situation.

Ritesh informs his mother that he has a PTA for the third revision at school the next day. Sameera experiences a hot flush the moment she heard it. She sits down with a thud and lets her imagination take shape, “Oh God! What marks Ritesh would have scored, what would be the teachers’ remarks with regard to his performance. Will I have to put my head down in shame?” She gets up and drinks water. She tells her husband Sumit that night when they were on bed. He says, “I trust our boy, he’ll surely do well. Don’t get carried away by teachers’ remarks. They have their own expectations because of the pressure of management. These revision exam marks are not going to matter in life. He’ll surely do well in the forthcoming boards. Our Ritesh is a responsible kid, I’m sure of his capabilities. Above all what really matters is applying thoughts which our boy knows pretty well. You too act sensibly, trust him and don’t get carried away by emotions.” Sameera was convinced with Sumit’s views but only for a while. In the middle of the night she got up with an unnerving feeling thinking of the PTA. She had a sleepless night.

The next morning, she completed her domestic chores and headed towards the school. With every passing minute her heaviness at heart went on increasing. Ritesh was cheerful as usual. Sameera’s heart started beating faster as Ritesh’s class teacher Mrs. Akshara called her. Mrs. Akshara showed the progress report and said that Ritesh lacked seriousness though he was intelligent. That was not a good sign for the forthcoming exams. If he doesn’t pick up now then he would have to struggle. Ritesh reacted as if though he was upset and Sameera’s face grew sullen. But the moment they came out of the class he came back to his chirpy self. Sameera was all in fumes waiting to vent out her anger. As they reached home, she threw her handbag and shouted at Ritesh. Ritesh was silent for some time, but then all of a sudden he burst out crying bitterly and uttered few words which sent an alarm to Sameera. “I know I haven’t done well and my teachers degrade me due to this. I was and am very confident that you and dad are by my side but today you seem to have lost faith in me. I’m really hurt mom.”  Sameera realised how wrong she had been in understanding her son. She hugged him and begged for pardon. Ritesh was humble enough to say “Mom, don’t cry and please don’t apologise, you are doing your duties and I pretty well understand your concern. I assure you that I’ll really do well and won’t let down the both of you. Come on let’s go out and eat an ice cream.” Sameera gave a broad grin, caught hold of Ritesh’s hand and walked towards the elevator in a happy go lucky mood. I’m sure mothers who are reading this no longer will feel stressed and trust their children.

You just need the right attitude to face anything.

Best of Luck!!!

Written By- Sujatha Sairam, (Chennai).

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