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Good evening my adorable readers. Thanks for supporting us by being active in visiting our site. In the time period of sixteen days i.e. 25th of November to 10th December, we intend to create an awareness regarding violence against women in various forms. The source creating violence may be in any form-external or internal. External forces somehow or the other come to limelight but internal turmoil or confusions hardly find a way out.

On many occasions ,we find people dictating terms as to how we must portray ourselves in front of others. Most of the times, it’s like dancing to their tunes. Haven’t you faced such situations? How have you reacted to it? I’m sure most of the times we agree to their terms, it’s not because we are weak, it’s because we value their relationship. But in the process we don’t realize that these same very people have taken us for granted by all means and use us like a doormat. When we get aware of the fact, we put it across to them, may be we get emotional a bit, break down because we are hurt. What’s the response-initially apologies as they need our support in some form but once it has settled down a bit, they don’t miss out an opportunity to point out that we were involved in an act of self-pity or complaining.

They even say, you need to sort out your issues on your own, practically it’s not possible for an individual to help out the other person. Only then do we realize what a hypocritical the person is as the same person once had promised to stand by our side in all adversities. Now what happened!!!!! Try to understand that these people hold onto us because they need us and when the required task is accomplished, they move ahead trampling us like a doormat that’s become old to step on another one which is new. This too is a kind of violence, face it with all your grit and determination by putting an end to such a futile relationship. Life is wonderful with people who value for you as you are, tread along with such good souls and see how meaningful your living is.

Written By- Sujatha Sairam,Chennai

Co-Founder and Head of content delivery, Sthreejeevan.

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