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Man is unique and different because he has a power to think. This thought flow can be both constructive as well as destructive. Constructive thoughts of a person lead to creativity and evolution of something new. It boosts up confidence and morale. On the other hand destructive thoughts stunt the growth of an individual. When negativity enters, a person loses control over his stability in all arenas of life.

The first thing which is worst affected is the speech. When the mind is at unrest we battle for words. We tend to forget that we spit out venom of anger over others and feel relaxed. But the person who had to bear with our words is the worst affected. It results in two people parting from each other. So the million dollar question is should we suppress anger. No. Not at all. We must analyse and think before we utter something.

Women are known to be patient and of perseverance in nature. Most of the times anger is situational and not intentional. It might be because of some health issues, mood swings or if they have been provoked. Even if they get angry with someone, it would surely have an implicit concern and care for the individual. We as children would have got scolding umpteen times. Sometimes we took it sportively but sometimes we got irritated. We felt our parents had a nagging attitude. Years later when we beget children and nurture them, do we realise that life takes a full circle. What we did our children are doing. It’s in a way the flashback of our childhood days. The only difference is that in those days we hardly would reciprocate but today’s children chide us for nagging them. We feel helpless and ask ourselves if our upbringing has gone faulty.

Kindly shun away such thoughts and move ahead with your duties. Recall the famous line “Child is the father of a man.” This means we get to know many a things from our children. In fact an aggressive atmosphere can acquire serenity by the innocent but logical talks of our children. Anger results in utter chaos. Down the annals of history we have read of so many wars, partitions of countries which is because of anger of some hand few. The great epic Mahabharatha has so many instances where anger was the sole cause for the difference of opinion between Pandava brothers and the Kaurava brothers. All commotion can be avoided if anger is controlled in the right way.

Just a careful analysis of the situation will resolve everything. The foremost thing is to put ourselves into the shoes of the person who is the victim of our anger. How would we feel if we were on the other side? There are other ways too to control anger based on individual needs. We at STHREEJEEVAN promise to help you. Just write to us and find the other ways out.


Written By- Sujatha Sairam, (Chennai).

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