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Every year there’s a sea change in the thought flow of the younger generation. This is so because of certain influences from the outside world and a bit from the family as well. The advent of technology with the invention of electronic gizmos has reduced the communication between members of the same family.  It’s really funny to find the members of the same family chatting with each other on Whats App or Facebook when they share the same roof. There is a lack of understanding and often there is a blame game when things go astray.

If we analyse carefully our mothers were homemakers attending to each and every need of ours with promptness. There was not much of a luxury but the basic needs were met by our hard working dads from time to time. Family get together was the much awaited event where people exchanged positive vibes.  There was regard for elders and understanding between family members. The women of the house had good rapport with their family keeping things under control. But in today’s world women have taken up the responsibility of working along with their better halves in anticipation of a better life style. They are not able to monitor their children closely as our mothers used to do.  This resulted in children getting too involved with electronic gadgets which gave them company without any question. Here comes a gap between the children and parents.

As children grew up they started adopting the western culture in the name of flying abroad for higher studies. Not only did they change their dress sense but also gave up the traditional customs and value system calling it outdated. A gap created because of modernization. But they seem to have forgotten one fact that foreigners are embracing our culture for its richness. Those who are within country take a pride in working for foreign firms and buying imported goods. They take a pride in doing so. They fail to realise that by doing so we are bringing prosperity for another nation. There’s enough in every home in most of the houses in the name of comfort but the love and care is missing because of the rat race in studies as well as employment opportunities. Expectations from parents are too high for their children and often they chide by saying they have invested quite a lot on their studies. It’s like trade where you expect a gain with the sale of your product. The feelings have no role to play in such a situation. The gap widens with each passing day and who’s going to bridge it. It’s none other than the dynamic ladies.

Come what may the woman of the house tries to strike a balance between the members at the cost of her health and time. She wants the family to stay together. She bridges the gap between the elders and the younger one by her pleasing and cordial talks. She browses the net for children’s studies and at the same time doesn’t give up celebrations of festivals in the traditional way to keep the culture alive.  Sometimes the things are smooth and at times there are turbulent storms which only she can calm down. How’s she able to do all this single-handedly? It’s because her mental framework is designed such a way. She doesn’t ask for appreciation but at the same time she doesn’t want unnecessary criticisms as well. I’m sure many of our SthreeJeevan readers agree on this. Waiting to hear from our readers about the way they bridge the gap in their lives. Share your thoughts on sthreejevan@gmail.com.

Written By- Sujatha Sairam, (Chennai).

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