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“God created humans with six senses to reciprocate with right feelings.” But do we all act as we are created by the Maker? We tend to hurt others either by words or sheer ignorance. Both of them are painful. I’m reminded of Shikha who learnt that she must not rely on people around her. Many of them had adorned mask of genuineness and love. These masks got peeled off on their own with changing times and revealed their true identity.

Shikha and Sumit were happily married for eight years. Both of them were working to make both ends meet. They were blessed with two boys Ankit and Vikrant. Though theirs was a nuclear family Sumit had many mouths to feed being the last sibling. His brothers needed support once in a while to be physically present as well as financially. Sumit had to attend to his aged parents as well. Shikha was fully aware of the whole situation when she agreed to marry Sumit. She had fallen in love with him at the first sight because of his polite nature and truthful nature. Sumit too admired Shikha for her homely nature. With whatever they earned they lived happily doting over each other and kids. Sumit was very possessive about Shikha so he didn’t prefer Shikha socialising much with friends. He couldn’t be blamed too as he was brought up in a joint family. Shikha respected his feelings and refrained from her friends for sometime. She had a confidence that her friends would understand her situation as well. Sumit loved Shikha more for this dedicated nature of hers. Money was not a matter of concern until one fine day Sumit came back home with a sullen face. He told Shikha that he had been transferred to another city with no extra monetary benefit. If he refused to accept the offer he might have to lose the job. Shikha was perturbed but she knew pretty well this was not the time to let lose her emotions.

She very boldly asked Sumit to accept the offer for she felt that this might bring about professional growth in his career. Sumit was relaxed hearing this but his concern was about Shikha whose health was not stable. She used to suffer very often with severe bouts of migraine and on such occasions she would be on bed for more than twelve hours. How would she manage all by herself with two little kids. Shikha could decipher Sumit’s thoughts and asked him to stay cool. She said she would be able to manage by herself in his absence. Sumit felt proud that he had such an understanding woman as his soulmate. But still for his satisfaction he called up his siblings and informed about his transfer. To his surprise he found that nobody gave a supportive answer. Instead they showed disappointment by saying that apart from parents now Shikha and his two kids were an additional responsibility. Sumit recalled what Shikha had said once that true nature of people comes before us during the time of adversities. He made up his mind to accept the offer keeping in mind the welfare of Shikha and children. Shikha boosted his morale by saying that everything would change with his transfer. She could visualise a better future for their family. Sumit was wonder struck at the inner beauty of his lady love. He understood that Shikha’s physical ailments were not at all a hindrance to her. She was born tough in terms of strong will and determination.

Dedicated to all the lovely women who support their families even during their personal struggles.

Written By- Sujatha Sairam, (Chennai).

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