Salute to the kind souls….

At twilight prismed skies unfold, 

The sun is sinking in the golden west

Painting the earth in hues of red, 

Everything seems to be blanketed with the darkness of the night. 

But there’s someone who is awake even as we sleep, 

He forgoes his sleep and assures a peaceful sleep for us, 

He’s duty bound day in and day out, 

No high and low around can ever deter him. 

Is this because he’s strong physically and emotionally

Or is it because he’s taken a vow to live for others. 

Safety of his fellow beings is his topmost priority, 

For he’s a kind soul,

He’s worn a soldier’s uniform 

Putting at bay all the luxuries. 

He is filled with pride as he is at the border, 

Living for others has become his motto of life.

I bow my head in reverence to these great souls, 

I’m sure no other soul can be as kind as him.

Sujatha Sairam, Co-Founder & Head-Content Delivery

Respect for Women

Today the whole nation is crying …crying for justice… Every day we wake up to news of some kind of injustice meted out to women. Can we spare a minute to think …why?

There can always be a debate on who is at fault.

For ages we have bound women with so many restrictions in the name of gender, culture, tradition etc.  There are innumerable restrictions imposed on them; from the way they dress, the allowances with respect to timings, to the way they conduct themselves. Although these are required to maintain a certain protocol in society, but one tends to think if there are there any such impositions on men? Are they not responsible too?

In our villages, the scene is even worse where there are many taboos which are enforced on women. Their freedom is completely restricted and they have to adhere to innumerable norms which are presided and decided by the men of the society. These women are restricted as mere sources of satisfying the needs of the household. They don’t have any identity of their own nor are they allowed to voice their opinions; leave alone pursue their dreams.. if they have any.

We say, we should teach our daughters to be careful and self equipped to defend dire circumstances. Well .. point taken, but wouldn’t it be great if we could create an environment for our daughters where they don’t have to live in fear. . Let’s also teach our sons the basic respect that needs to be extended to the women around them, be it their mother, sister, cousin, friend, etc.

And let’s not forget that children are the best imitators. They don’t like to listen to lectures on manners. They just follow what is being displayed by the elders of the house. If they see the women being treated well and respected by their elders, they will continue to do so with all the women they meet in their life.

Women are much more than what they are restricted to. They have all the necessary capabilities to make a mark in the society. They also deserve equal amount of respect and recognition in the society as much a thes men. Today women are proving their mettle in almost all fields of work. They are also the bread winners in many households.

Let’s empower our daughters by making their world safe and secure. And let’s make our sons more responsible and teach them to be better human beings.

Ranjani Srikant, Hyderabad

Inner Strength


These words really unnerved me and thought must share with all my women friends out there. “Don’t worry about losing people around you but worry about losing yourself in pleasing everyone around you.” Isn’t this true with all of us who have buried our own desires either for our loved ones  to fulfil their whims and fancies. That’s what we ought to do is the thought put into us as we are brought up. You must please everyone around you and create a name for yourself. Is it a wrong value instilled is the confusion at times. Not at all as a family we must move together but not at the cost of your own dignity and self-esteem. We women tend to give up our goals and aspirations to guide our loved ones towards their goal. Once they have reached their goal what do you think is your role any more.  We are left behind with a void of self- dissatisfaction, loneliness and a vacuum. This can surely be avoided if we tend to live for ourselves few minutes every day that gives us happiness. Not only that cultivate a habit to say NO to them. Appreciate them for their support and at the same time tell them you are hurt when they don’t value your sentiments and feelings. You might have a lurking fear as you say but come-on take it in your stride….. Overcome such a feel that lets you down. It’s they who need you and have made a choice to be with you. So be bold and move ahead. In this journey of life we come across end number of people like the shells brought along with the wave. You can’t burden yourself by carrying each one of them with you. Get going with your head held up high with a sense of achievement. People would follow you seeing your accomplishments and magnanimous personality that’s inspiring and motivating which is reflected in your confident smile.

Sujatha Sairam, Chennai.

Self Esteem

Man is a very precious creation of the God Almighty; a true masterpiece. Each of us are unique and special in our own way. All of us are manifested with some special qualities, which make us different from the rest of the crowd. Because of these qualities, we need to be proud of ourselves, proud of what we are, and the value adds that we carry.

This is where Self esteem comes in picture.

Self esteem can be termed as a personal evaluation of our own self-worth. It also includes beliefs about one’s own self which includes emotional status, such as triumph, despair, pride and shame. It is correlated with achievement, good relationships and satisfaction.

Self esteem is very crucial to one and all; be it adult (any gender), more importantly children.

These days, kids are suffering from this problem of deficiency of self worth.

High self worth increases the capacity to treat others with respect, magnanimity and love. It results in enriching interpersonal relationships. The reverse also holds good.

Self-worth can be dependent on various factors.

The environment around us is one of the factors which affect the way that we feel ourselves. We have somewhere given the baton of valuing ourselves onto others.  The people around us can affect the way we feel about ourselves. The more people or friends we have who like us, the happier we are and vice versa.

While adults are matured enough to deal with these challenges, it is very difficult for kids to comprehend these. Since kids are the future human beings, we need to make it easy for these delicate and tender souls. Kids tend to judge themselves by how we deal with their success and failures, or how well they cope with their challenges. Their perception of success or failure in meeting life’s challenges influences their self esteem.

Parents cannot completely control the kid’s lives, but they can guide children to gain perspective on solutions and not to overreact to failure or underplay success of kids. They should be taught that it’s perfectly fine to fall but it’s important to rise after the fall. It needs to be emphasized that failure doesn’t mean that it’s a failure as a person and doesn’t make them unlovable. This will help the kids to see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow rather than obstacles to pull them down. Kids who are positively motivated will be in a better position to move on.  Positive self worth helps in making happy human beings.

It’s important that we have faith in ourselves, in our talents and capabilities. We need to motivate ourselves first, instead of waiting for others to validate us.  We are good enough and we will definitely succeed in our own capacities and in our own pace; even though it doesn’t match others expectations. Let not others decide our worth…. We are worth it!!!

Ranjani Srikant, Hyderabad

My Mother's Hand

“Oh God, you created me, gave me a womb where I was secure,

I grew in the womb in peace and with nicest care.

Even before I could come out of her womb and my life could start

I felt blessed to be so close to her heart.

Oh, I felt so comfortable in her hands

I was too small but did understand.

Her hugs made me feel so warm

I could sleep peacefully in her arm.

Holding her fingers, I learnt to walk

I don’t know what, but she used to talk and talk.

Her hands nurtured me with a lot of care and affection

A beautiful feeling of some magical connection.

Holding my mother’s hand, went to school with joy

Her hand on my head is a blessing that I rejoice.

Her love for me poured into my life like rain

Oh lord, let this flood of love forever remain.  

I am now grown up, but whenever I am in a low state of mind,

My mother lends her hand to help me all the time.

This is what I call love simply unconditional

This is Pure and exceptional love, not fictional.

Whenever I am in pain then or now,

She reaches me to take my pain away, I wonder how?

Her hands wiped my tears even before it rolled down

Whenever she is around, I feel like a queen with a crown.

Sheela S. Iyer, Mumbai


I wished youthfulness to your childhood

and remain aghast


what all will you encounter growing up.

The world outside looks Hobbesian

Would you submit yourself to the authority?

Would you have endurance to raise your voice?

Would there be empathy and love in your world?

How would the night behave with you?

Would the sky emit hope or despair?

Would rain refresh joyful memories?

Would flowers spread colour and fragrance?

Would you have friends?

You know the world devoid of love is empty

and that emptiness is unbearable.

Amalendu Jyotishi, Bangalore.



The offspring you are carrying in your womb,

Because you are taken for granted,

Because that was what completed you supposedly

as Woman,

Is not just because of Nature’s bestowal upon you

a receptacle,

It is society’s imposition too, that it may be born to carry

his name!


The wailing baby whose nappy you are coping to change,

The baby of the purple crying that is his as is yours,

The baby that was conceived to carry only

His name, not yours, for,

Carrying yours is sacrilege,

Why, then why must only you be delegated

The mucky task of cleaning up the hapless baby

While he, among friends, socializes



The little one that feeds at your breast

Because nature so designed you to be the giver,

But when it grows up and from your breast weaned away,

The kitchen now a place in the house

And its feed any hand can give,

Any hand with care in the chest,

Yet the feeding still remains your prerogative

While he at the TV sits,



Know this, motherhood though maybe a blessing,

Motherhood though may be the paradigm of womanhood,

Motherhood is, nonetheless, a glorified title that

Society has conferred on woman to aspire for,

So that the noxious breed of nonchalant fathers

May be spared the ethically due responsibilities of



Be aware… be aware!

Mrs. Vidya Shankar, Chennai