Molestation of the Heart

A heartfelt greeting to all my lovely women folk who spare their valuable time to go through our blog. You readers are our pillars of strength for your comments and views help us climb up a step higher towards improvisation. I had been thinking from long to put something different in front of you as I always do but I believe everything has a right time.

We women as wife, mother, daughter and friend mould ourselves into different casts to suit the needs of the surroundings. Vulnerability and flexibility are inborn for us but along with these there’s another quality which many fail to notice in us and that is the quality of endurance. People around us refer about the great women in history or the other women around but they fail to notice us.  From morning till night we execute a planned schedule with few hiccups at times. We alter our schedule accordingly but how about the others. They are still the same. I’m sure none of us are working for rewards or remuneration; we do it whole heartedly as our duty. Leave aside a word of applause there’s always a chiding for small loopholes. Are you allowed to retaliate on any occasion? No you aren’t. You have to gulp down all the insults and still keep your face adorned with a smile. What a hypocrisy we face for no fault of ours? We silently suffer the torments of words uttered by all. There’s no outlet of emotions. It gets accumulated within us and makes us an emotional wreck.

Nowadays the plight of women appears to be slightly better because of the advent of social media but not many us have proper access to it. We have android phones with us but we hardly use because of two reasons. One is our regular routine, the other our phones are with our kids for games. When we are free we would find it with them or battery drained out. If you happen to approach your better half it would be literally begging for there’s a password lock and there are instructions for you not to open up certain folders. Is this what we call a perfect understanding where certain things are under cover? If you happen to ask, the answer would be that they care for us so they don’t disclose certain things. We women share everything with them but by chance miss out anytime or become a bit probing then that’s the end of us. There will be a blame game. There will be a postmortem of smallest of your errors.

All these appear to be silly but we fail to realise that these instances kill us little by little. That’s why I label this as “Molestation of the heart” for its impact is worse than a physical abuse. A woman’s existence becomes rhetoric to herself. What does she require at such time? Hours of sleep, rest, eat out or something else. Nay, what she requires is a patient listener who would listen to her agony and soothe her hurt soul and embalm with words of love. What’s missing nowadays is the verbal communication between people which we at STHREEJEEVAN have revived for women to help them overcome all their stress. Do write to us rather than injuring yourself by burying your emotions.    


Sujatha Sairam

Author: sthreejeevan

The world is filled with great souls struggling to mark their identity.... as suppressed daughters, single mothers, depressed homemakers... SthreeJeevan empathizes with you and tries to help you, with your beautiful life. Get in touch with us and let's help you reach your goals.

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