Let Her Live

It’s a matter of pride to be born in a land

Where women are worshiped as Goddess. 

Sanctity and chastity ornament her looks, 

Her sublime beauty makes her unique. 

Then why is she killed even before birth?

Why is her birth not a joyous occasion?

Being deprived even of basic education, 

She’s left to suffer in silence. 

No sense of respect in the household 

Nor in the places outside. 

Cast by uncouth glance and unnerved by physical molestation, 

She’s forced to walk with her head down as though in shame. 

She poses a rhetorical question, “Am I responsible for this plight of mine?”

There’s no answer we know, 

Will the Maker atleast, “Let her live”,

If not, better she embraces death.

Sujatha Sairam, Chennai

Author: sthreejeevan

The world is filled with great souls struggling to mark their identity.... as suppressed daughters, single mothers, depressed homemakers... SthreeJeevan empathizes with you and tries to help you, with your beautiful life. Get in touch with us and let's help you reach your goals.

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