SthreeJeevan celebrates Orange The World Movement


Women are one of the biggest stake holders of the future. Our nations and societies must be built through their active and equal participation. But this participation is overcast by the shadow of physical, emotional and psychological issues. One such evil which is curbing their freedom is violence. Violence against women may be domestic violence, physical abuse in public places, body shame or depression of some kind. It’s high time we give up being mere onlookers. We need to set aside our mundane work schedule and do something different for the women who are suffering. We needn’t help by going door to door or person to person. Creating an awareness using our digital media with a sense of commitment and involvement will work out great wonders. Keeping this in mind we thought we will let you know about “Orange the World ” movement. It’s a sixteen days campaign starting from 25th of November – The International Day for Elimination of violence against women to 10th of December which happens to be the International Day of Human Rights. This movement focuses on women and girls who continue to experience violence and abuse which is often overlooked, normalized, justified and made invisible. In India too the UN house turned ORANGE as a mark of support. The UN reaffirms our Zero Tolerance to any form of gender-biased violence and stands in solidarity with the voices of women and for gender equality everywhere.
Sujatha Sairam,
Co-Founder & Head – Content Delivery,

Author: sthreejeevan

The world is filled with great souls struggling to mark their identity.... as suppressed daughters, single mothers, depressed homemakers... SthreeJeevan empathizes with you and tries to help you, with your beautiful life. Get in touch with us and let's help you reach your goals.

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