He failed to understand……



Sunanda married Shikhar with great pomp and celebration at Mumbai. Within a week they moved to Mussoorie where Shikhar worked as an IAS officer. The beautiful, serene locale of Mussoorie made Sunanda feel very elated. She looked forward to a highly romantic relationship with Shikhar. Initially of course, it was wonderful as she expected. Outings, eat-outs and intimate moments added extra charm to her beauty. She was the happiest woman in the world.

But after few months, this charm faded away as Shikhar got too engrossed in his work. They had intimate moments now and then at the demand of Shikhar, that too lousy and mechanical. Sunanda experienced a sense of dissatisfaction. She tried to convey it to Shikhar but he seemed to be very ignorant. How could he fail to understand that Sunanda’s biological needs too were important like his own urges? He was educated but negligent and ignorant about his own wife’s feelings and emotions. Having experienced frustration in her married life she turned for support towards social media for counselling. While doing so she accessed STHREEJEEVAN which helped her to cope with her mood swings. You too can feel free to get in touch with us with any kind of issue that you have.

by Sujatha Sairam, Chennai


Author: sthreejeevan

The world is filled with great souls struggling to mark their identity.... as suppressed daughters, single mothers, depressed homemakers... SthreeJeevan empathizes with you and tries to help you, with your beautiful life. Get in touch with us and let's help you reach your goals.

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