Back To Roots

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The huzz buzz of crowded market places

With mob of people thronging the streets

The honking sound of the innumerable horns

Turning us restless as we move out into the streets;

There seems to be no sunrise and sunset

Neon lamps glowing throughout the day

Day and night cast the same image

Making it mundane and boring…



We long for a feast to the eyes

With the rising of the radiant Sun

And a pleasant closing with the dusk;

Cows returning to their cowshed

Tinkling of the bells heard even as

They get out of sight.

The gurgling rivers and streams

Spreading a never ending glee

Seem to be saying, “Go on forever.”

The paddy fields nodding their heads

With the cool gentle breeze

They seem to be tossing their heads

To the gentle breeze and the melodious

Notes of the cow herd on his flute.

The jingling anklets of the rustic women

Pouring nectar into our ears

Their rhythmic movement is mesmerising

The toddlers and kids with their cheerful faces

Seem to welcome us with their embracing hands

Giving us a heavenly feel on this lovely planet

This enchanting beauty of the village of ours

Leaves us speechless and dumbstruck

Inner mind seems to murmur

“Eternal bliss is in being back to roots.”


by Sujatha Sairam, Chennai




Author: sthreejeevan

The world is filled with great souls struggling to mark their identity.... as suppressed daughters, single mothers, depressed homemakers... SthreeJeevan empathizes with you and tries to help you, with your beautiful life. Get in touch with us and let's help you reach your goals.

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