Turn Your Dreams Into Reality


Dream is a world of imagination which takes us to beautiful realms which we wish to conquer in reality. We all have dreams to scale heights since childhood. Blessed are those who have been able to turn them into reality. Few of us have buried them under the commitments and responsibilities of our family. Can we blame our family members or ask them for a justification. No way, even if we do the point blank reply would be “Did we stop you?”  We might feel offended as we spent every minute for them at the cost of our health and thoughts. They are right as they never stopped us. Who stopped us then? It’s our own inhibitions and self imposed restrictions.

We need to come out of these to fulfil our wishes and turn our dreams into reality. The way we spend time working meticulously for our family, we must segregate time for ourselves too. In our busy routine of activities we need to create a space for ourselves. That specific time must solely focus towards what we aspire for. Let there be no diversion or distraction. As we go about doing it we must recall the days of our childhood and youth when everything was possible and we thrived to achieve it. We never left a single stone unturned to build the castles of our dreams. Revive that never give-up spirit and keep asserting to yourself that you still have the same grit and determination to accomplish the hardest of tasks. It just needs to be fine tuned as normally one might say.

The inert happiness of working towards our goal benefits us manifold. It gives us an insight into our future with an identity for ourselves. It also generates positive attitude and above all helps us to be the person what we want to be. As we work towards our goal there’s a sense of contentment in whatever we do. In fact it helps us carry out our other duties too in a more effective way. Our loved ones would be able to identify our strengths and there’s a strong possibility that they might support us in our endeavours. Then the day is not far when our dreams would turn into reality. But that’s not all friends. I would like to remind you at this juncture that “Let’s not stop with one field of achievement, let’s explore as many areas as possible and turn out to be multifaceted personalities.”


by Sujatha Sairam, Chennai




Author: sthreejeevan

The world is filled with great souls struggling to mark their identity.... as suppressed daughters, single mothers, depressed homemakers... SthreeJeevan empathizes with you and tries to help you, with your beautiful life. Get in touch with us and let's help you reach your goals.

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