Rejuvenating Showers

The smell of rain in the scorching heat, 
Arouses me to dance with the rain beat. 
I wish I get totally drenched, 
Let it soothe my soul that has  been wrenched. 
I want to rejoice as never before, 
Like the crazy waves dancing on the shore. 
The pitter patter of rain drops, 
Is a lovely music for me to pop. 
The rain brings back the child in me, 
I’m surprised if it’s the real me. 

-Sujatha Sairam


Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient and the best things come to those who don’t give up. Patience is the pause that helps us get our thoughts back in order and our feelings under control. Among the benefits of being patient are that it makes you a people magnet because you are using it as a way to practise kindness. So be patient and manifest what you want and you will see that the day is not far when you will be rewarded in manifold.


Life goes a complete change,

It’s the matter of perspective.

What I perceive may not be as yours

For each one of us are born unique.

A change in perspective will change a hot and unbearable eternity

into a pleasant sunshine filled hour.

A plot of weeds would transform into a meadow of flowers,

A barren wasteland in no time would be a field of opportunity,

A bleak, dark and dingy room will be a place of sweet rest,

A change in perspective is all we need,

So let’s make flowers out of weeds.


Friendship Day Greetings from

“Friendship is an eternal bond; love care and affection are the ingredients, a constant assurance of one’s presence through thick and thin with a quintessence.”

Today is Friendship’s day. It’s always on a Sunday so what do we do- freak out with friends for a movie, eat out etc. One day dedicated to the angels in our life. We feel blessed that we are surrounded by good souls. Friends are like an extended family. They have always stood by our side when our kith and kin have been aloof. It’s a bond that gets strengthened with each passing day. 

We as a friend motivate each other, share happiness and sorrow with each other. But have we ever thought how we are able to do justice to this lovely relationship. There’s someone who’s the real driving force. The readers might be perplexed and think that maybe it’s another friend because that’s the normal thought process. Think a little bit in terms of self- love. We have a friend within us who performs a dominant role silently. I hope you have guessed it!!!!! It’s the indelible spirit within us that reaches out to others. When we are competent enough to reach out to others then why don’t we keep ourselves bay from pessimism and diffidence? So many times we have helped others overcome troubles but when it comes to us we break-down. Why does this happen?  This is so because we don’t care about ourselves and don’t prioritise our needs, once we start doing it I’m sure we will be courageous enough in facing everything that comes across our lives. On this Friendship’s Day I wish all the readers to fall in love with ourselves first and make their spirit their first bestie.

Live Fearlessly

As I’m ageing and my hair is turning gray, 

A thought flashes as to why I have to live as others say. 

I see no point investing my energies where it holds no value, 

They are never appreciated and just bid adieu. 

I will not tirelessly try to crave for attention, 

For there’s not a spec of recognition. 

I have no interest in living as others live, 

I have a wish to attract people with the way I live. 

 I will never come down to my knees,

No matter the emptiness I suffer

Alone or accompanied I’ve made up my mind to live fearlessly.

by Sujatha Sairam, Chennai


“Separation is the most painful chapter in a relationship. Often letting go off the old form of the relationship becomes a lesson in pure love much deeper than any other thing.”

Does separation mean a legal break-up? Nay, it can also refer to a state of mind where two individuals no longer have warm feelings for each other. It’s like you share the same roof because of societal compulsions after a major difference of opinion. There may be other reasons as well, like bringing up the children, safeguarding the family name etc. This state is far more painful than the legal separation. When we go for a legal separation, we have freedom to take our own decisions thereafter. But when it’s the other way round, life becomes hell. There seems to be a clash for every simple thing. Years of understanding all of a sudden goes down the drain. I just wonder where the wedding vows and promises disappear all of a sudden. Was that also to show off to the world?

I’m sure many women have faced such a trauma. Some of them live with it and some of them have overcome such a situation by fighting it out. We don’t have to prove ourselves to the world; it’s enough if we don’t fall down in our self-esteem. If there’s a situation where life gets difficult, face it with confidence and prove yourself. It would be the best revenge against the people who have failed to understand your worth. You put down your papers in the form of your success stories. Remember there are many to listen to your issues but only you can resolve it. Think of a separation from everything that breaks you. Move towards constructing yourself.

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Sujatha Sairam, Chennai

Let Her Live

It’s a matter of pride to be born in a land

Where women are worshiped as Goddess. 

Sanctity and chastity ornament her looks, 

Her sublime beauty makes her unique. 

Then why is she killed even before birth?

Why is her birth not a joyous occasion?

Being deprived even of basic education, 

She’s left to suffer in silence. 

No sense of respect in the household 

Nor in the places outside. 

Cast by uncouth glance and unnerved by physical molestation, 

She’s forced to walk with her head down as though in shame. 

She poses a rhetorical question, “Am I responsible for this plight of mine?”

There’s no answer we know, 

Will the Maker atleast, “Let her live”,

If not, better she embraces death.

Sujatha Sairam, Chennai